Thursday, March 26, 2009

EMFI Dividends for February 09 to March 09

Dividend payments this month is: 238.74 isk per share, a ROI of 2.53%

The current report shows a surplus of: 2,728,484,937 isk resulting in a dividend to shareholders this month of: 2,387,424,320 isk (238.74 per share)

Other deductions: FM salaries: 68,212,123 isk and retained capital fund for emergencies and anti-scam fund: 272,848,494 isk plus.

Total retained capital fund for emergencies and anti-scam fund before payout: 2,135,099,678 isk, this has now risen to: 2,407,948,172

Market Overview: Numerous dividends are late or have not been paid.

Trade warning on Zero. and EMFI would like CEO ‘Motivated prophet’ to respond to previous eve mails as the corp has not paid dividends for over a year and shares are still trading at the IPO value. There may be corp buyback orders in place but there should be an update on how well this will be funded as EMFI would like to cash out, or use the scam fund to remove non-performing assets from the books.

Finally announced that 6Ltd and FRPB are officially ‘dead’ and have been removed from the portfolio, although they have had a zero value for over 6 months.

All the best, Ghost Emperor.

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Anonymous mcloud said...

Hi there,

Is EMFi still alive ? since there has been no updates for an while.

Thx in advance,


June 17, 2009 2:05 pm  
Anonymous Rotnac said...

Somehow I doubt it, but we'll see. With the EBank/DBank crap, the Eve financials market has gotten way too crazy.

July 08, 2009 10:08 pm  
Blogger mc said...

Ghost Emperor, can't you give CEO to someone else to see if he can save EMFI or close it down ?
It should still recieve dividends for the past year or so.
Unfortunately i dont have any other way of contacting you. I'm hoping you'll get a automated response from this Blog
with regards,
a EMFI investor who cares :)

January 18, 2010 2:56 pm  

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