Saturday, February 21, 2009

EMFI Dividends for January 09 to February 09

Dividend payments this month is: 237.63 isk per share, a ROI of 2.52%

The current report shows a surplus of: 2,715,746,962 isk resulting in a dividend to shareholders this month of: 2,376,278,592 isk (237.63 per share)

Other deductions: FM salaries: 67,893,674 isk and retained capital fund for emergencies and anti-scam fund: 271,574,696 isk plus.

Total retained capital fund for emergencies and anti-scam fund before payout: 1,863,524,982, this has now risen to: 2,135,099,678 isk

Share buying chest is vast as all FIN have been bought back taking the wallet to over 13bn to invest.

Market Overview: The Eve stock market is stabilising. Funds are still closing: BSACC; CDRE; and FIN. On the good news front: AATP has paid out sizeable dividends, again, as they/Ray swings his Plan into action for shareholders; BMBE has resumed sizeable payments; FIRM and FIRD are paying consistently good returns.

Gains: 200m isk has been returned by Tolmar towards the closing bill due of 1.2 bn from SHMEC, very honourable of him to follow through with this.

New shares: CDRA

Losses: Few as CRDE has reimbursed 3,250,000,000; although there is no news on Zero. dividends still

The general market news stories have been:

AATP: The Bad and the Good

CRDE Loney Clone has returned to honour agreements and reimburse shareholders

FIN & FIN-U closing down procedure

Zero. update

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