Friday, January 23, 2009

EMFI Dividends for December 08 to January 09

Good news broadcast

Dividend payments this month is: 415.24 isk per share, a ROI of 4.41%

The current report shows a surplus of: 4,745,617,239 isk resulting in a dividend to shareholders this month of: 4,152,415,084 isk (415.24 per share)

Other deductions: FM salaries: 118,640,431 isk and retained capital fund for emergencies and anti-scam fund: 474,561,724 isk

1,000,000,000 billion from return of shares from liquidated characters was added to the capital growth fund, mostly due to the generosity of Ethan Xavier Verone, Chief Executive & Executor
of Veto Corp, many thanks. Capital growth/anti scam fund now at: 1,913,524,982 isk.

Market Overview: The Eve stock market is stabilising. Funds are still closing: BSACC; CDRE; and FIN. On the good news front: AATP has paid out sizeable dividends, again, as they/Ray swings his Plan into action for shareholders; BMBE has resumed sizeable payments; FIRM and FIRD are paying consistently good returns, all in all helping improve confidence and the health of the market at this point in time.

Gains: Shares have been returned to EMFI from Naphtalia, the previous CEO, leaving the game, this has led to a 1-2 billion plus bonus for EMFI investors as a parting gift and 1 billion into the capital growth fund for investments.

Losses: Few as CRDE has reimbursed 3,250,000,000; although SHMEC has still not make their final closure payment which hit EMFI for 1.2 billion.

Trading News:

  • Closure payments received from: CDRE
  • New stocks invested in: BSAMR and FIRD

The general market news stories has been:

AATP: The Bad and the Good

CRDE Loney Clone has returned to honour agreements and reimburse shareholders

FIN & FIN-U closing down procedure

Zero. update

All the best, Ghost Emperor.

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