Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eve stock market concerns

Dear EMFI Investors

To keep you updated on news we present the following market update. We have begun a gradual devaluation of some of our key stocks to reflect the crisis occurring in the eve stock market. We hope that other investments will help keep dividends buoyant but feel a market update is necessary.
  • Some have seemingly vanished: like FRPB Linky, LTMA and 6LTD Linky;
  • Several have not paid dividends for a while, or have irregular payment schedules: AATP (due to late H-TI dividends which now seems to be fixed with a new CEO); H-TI (as before); Zero. and T2AHL (Update: AATP has paid almost 1 billion in dividends to EMFI this month \o/ ); and
  • Several have been closing and have various duration buybacks: C-R-H; SCHEC Linky; PIF PSRS Linky; and Tiny. Linky (EMFI held no shares).
EMFI hope to weather this storm by increasingly investing in:
  • long-term shares of the more 'blue chip' variety, like CRDE and BSAC stock; and
  • low priced stock as market panic leads people to 'dump' stock at sub asset levels.
If investors have any other comments then please send an eve mail to Ghost Emperor, Many thanks to you all.


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