Monday, February 18, 2008

EMFI Dividends for January 08 to February 08

EMFI Dividends from 15th January to 18th February have just been paid:

4,518,259,273 in excess capital, which was distributed as follows:

* 3,840,520,382 paid out in dividends
* 112,956,482 for Fund Management duties;
* 112,956,482 split between audit staff, staff and trustees; (half of this was returned by staff to help build anti-scam fund again); and

* 451,825,927 retained capital (as hedge against scams).

The retained capital pool now stands at: 935,239,978 which will be reinvested on this occasion

Trading News:
Six stocks have increased in value and three have decreased, so the overall climate is favourable.

Three stocks are closing: PIT; PSRS; and SHMEC

Three new stocks have been invested in: BSAMR; CCMS and CCMS2
Dividend income should have increased this month but dividends have not been paid by: AATP; C-P-H; C-R-A and H-TI

Trading Alerts:
The month was a short month and dividends were not paid from four main investments: AATP; C-P-H; C-R-A and H-TI

Discussions have taken place with the main parties and at one corp. (H-TI) we are trying to initiate a change of CEO until the current one can return.
Dividends have been received from Zero. and went a long way to making up for the last fourth months missed dividends, just a shame we had to clear some stock prior to a return to form.

So a final dividend of:
* 384.05 isk per 3.84% return on original NAV, up from 368.40 a share last month


Blogger Zerodot Schools said...

Aye, that was unfortunate. Still, given the prices you likely sold those ZERO. shares at, reinvestment might very well yield a higher rate of return than holding onto the shares!

Best of luck, big fan of your work.


February 21, 2008 6:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you said that 3 shares are closing, what does that mean, are they buying out there shares? Or is it, oops, sorry, i no longer pay dividends?

February 22, 2008 6:46 am  

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