Wednesday, January 16, 2008

EMFI Dividends for December 07 to January 08

EMFI Dividends from 24th December to 15th January have just been paid:

4,334,140,509 in excess capital, which was distributed as follows:

* 3,684,019,433 paid out in dividends
* 108,353,513 for Fund Management duties;
* 108,353,513 split between audit staff, staff and trustees; (half of this was returned by staff to help build anti-scam fund again); and
* 433,414,051 retained capital (as hedge against scams).

Trading News:
Eight stocks have increased in value and two have decreased, so the overall climate is favourable.
Dividend income should increase next month and the outlook is for an increased dividend level.

Trading Alerts:
The month was a short month and dividends were not paid from four main investments:
AATP; T2AHL; Zero.; and a new investment LVM
Dividends were not received from Zero. for the fourth month and this is an area of concern although the CEO has assured us that dividends will resume shortly.

So a final dividend of:
* 368.4 isk per share 3.68% return on original NAV.


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