Tuesday, December 25, 2007

EMFI Dividends for November to December

EMFI Dividends for 18th November to 24th December have just been paid:

4,600,095,230 in excess capital:

* 3,910,080,230 paid out in dividends
* 115,002,381 for Fund Management duties;
* 115,002,381 split between audit staff, staff and trustees; (one third of this was returned by staff to help build anti-scam fund again); and
* 460,009,523 retained capital (as hedge against scams).

Trading Alerts:
There has also been a 1,000,000,000 write down on Reithe [RHCRP] this month.
We have released the Capital Growth Fund/anti scam funds (of 460,000,000 isk) to go towards covering this loss.
Dividends were not received from Zero. for the third month and this has now an area of concern.

So a final dividend of:
* 391.01 isk per share (would have been 491.01 isk per share without the write off)...so 3.91% on original NAV. Check the EMFI blog link below for more details.


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