Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ISSO closes its door

Trading update:

We at EMFI would like to say a big thank you to ISSO for the many months of loyal, on-time dividend payments the fund has received, as they stop dividends and start a buy back of shares.

EMFI has transfered a large proportion of its 4bn+ isk from ISSO shares into:
3bn to Ionia's 6% a month offer to ISSO investors [6LTD]; and
800m to Rawcola's BPO bond [RRRRT Bond].

C-R-H has also re-started their buyback of shares and we have reinvested that isk into C-R-A shares , another of Ricdic's isk making vehicles.

Dividends are late or not yet forthcoming from: AATP; BMBE; H-TI; PSRS; T2AHL and Zero. so all in all a slow end to the month, returns have been above normal to date through share trading though.


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