Sunday, November 18, 2007

EMFI Dividends for October to November

Heres the results just in for 16th October to 18th November:

5,265,138,474 in excess capital, (an increase from 4,735,284,820 last report) which is broken down into:
  • 131,628,462 for Fund Management duties;
  • 131,628,462 split between audit staff, staff and trustees;
  • 526,513,847 retained capital (as hedge against scams); and
  • 4,475,367,703 paid out in dividends
There has also been a 3,000,000,000 write down on Portsmouth Shipyard Inc (CAPTL) although this may return some value in the future we have decided to write it down this month.
We have released the Capital Growth Fund/anti scam funds (of 957,502,908 isk) to go towards covering this loss. The full dividend payout would have been 6,211,490,231 without the write off.

So a final dividend of
  • 447.54 isk per share (would have been 621.14 isk per share without the write off)
  • This is an increase of 45 isk per share from last month
Dividends were not received from: CAPTL; Zero. ; or OPTECH

Heres the results in detail (click on the image to enlarge):


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