Sunday, August 19, 2007

New CEO for EMFI

Ghost Emperor has been voted in as the new CEO of EMFI with 97%+ of the votes cast in favour of his taking over. Upon being interviewed he offered the following thoughts:

"A big thank you to all the shareholders that helped my successful running for CEO, almost 20billion in shares were voted in favour and my intention is to turn this faith into funds for investors.

Immediate tasks to conduct are:
  • Audit of assets and publish new NAV and portfolio;
  • Set up new buy back orders, based on new NAV;
  • Buy shares at decent price to reduce dormant cash pile;
  • Pay dividends at the start of next month if they are due.
Comments and feedback are welcome and can be left here, or email me "Ghost Emperor", especially if you want to sell shares in bulk." The celebrations are set to run on into the early hours of the morning, or until the dancing girls go home.


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