Monday, August 20, 2007

EMFI handover has occured

This is a mid month handover report from EMFI. EMFI Manager (Naphtalia) has formally handed over day to day running of EMFI to Ghost Emperor.

I have reviewed the shareholdings and have done an initial valuation of the EMFI portfolio. I can confirm that all assets that were expected to be there were in place, and then some. Of particular interest is that the wallet had close to 12billion isk in it from dividend income.

The really good news is that since the last Asset update there has been an increase of
22,983,767,841 (22.98bn isk) from 78billion previously. Well done EMFI Manager for your astute managing of this fund, and thank you for an orderly and most helpful handover.

Here are the headline figures:

Master Wallet: 11,791,167,027 (11.8bn)
Invested capital: 78,502,080,814 (78.5bn)
Own share capital 10,690,520,000 (10.7bn)

Total Assets 100,983,767,841 (101bn)

Total subjective valuation: 100.98 billion ISK

Dividend payout was 836,202,665 isk (after 10% capital retention, 2.5% fund management wages and 2.5% for staff and trustees).

The next dividend scheduled will be at the end of the first full week of August. More updates to follow asap.


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