Monday, August 20, 2007

[EMFI] Dividend Schedule

Dividends have resumed on the basis that Asset Value is over 100billion. 85% of the funds over 100billion are turned into dividends.

2007 August 19th - 83.62 isk per share (payout was 836,202,665isk)

2007 September - Correction, EMFI Manager has informed me that dividends are usually paid on the 15th of each month.

EMFI handover has occured

This is a mid month handover report from EMFI. EMFI Manager (Naphtalia) has formally handed over day to day running of EMFI to Ghost Emperor.

I have reviewed the shareholdings and have done an initial valuation of the EMFI portfolio. I can confirm that all assets that were expected to be there were in place, and then some. Of particular interest is that the wallet had close to 12billion isk in it from dividend income.

The really good news is that since the last Asset update there has been an increase of
22,983,767,841 (22.98bn isk) from 78billion previously. Well done EMFI Manager for your astute managing of this fund, and thank you for an orderly and most helpful handover.

Here are the headline figures:

Master Wallet: 11,791,167,027 (11.8bn)
Invested capital: 78,502,080,814 (78.5bn)
Own share capital 10,690,520,000 (10.7bn)

Total Assets 100,983,767,841 (101bn)

Total subjective valuation: 100.98 billion ISK

Dividend payout was 836,202,665 isk (after 10% capital retention, 2.5% fund management wages and 2.5% for staff and trustees).

The next dividend scheduled will be at the end of the first full week of August. More updates to follow asap.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

New CEO for EMFI

Ghost Emperor has been voted in as the new CEO of EMFI with 97%+ of the votes cast in favour of his taking over. Upon being interviewed he offered the following thoughts:

"A big thank you to all the shareholders that helped my successful running for CEO, almost 20billion in shares were voted in favour and my intention is to turn this faith into funds for investors.

Immediate tasks to conduct are:
  • Audit of assets and publish new NAV and portfolio;
  • Set up new buy back orders, based on new NAV;
  • Buy shares at decent price to reduce dormant cash pile;
  • Pay dividends at the start of next month if they are due.
Comments and feedback are welcome and can be left here, or email me "Ghost Emperor", especially if you want to sell shares in bulk." The celebrations are set to run on into the early hours of the morning, or until the dancing girls go home.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

AATP has new CEO

Dark Shirari's alt Yukari is catching up with some house work at AATP. The thread can be viewed here: Linky

The NAV per share is worked out at 10,333 for AATP, and 8,333,333 for H-TI, both of which EMFI has sizable holdings in.

The combined factors of AATP being actively managed and higher NAVs for shares held should have a positive impact upon EMFI's Asset Value as well.

This is good news and should assist in the production of a new portfolio of assets when the CEO vote has been decided.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

News for August

Dear Investors, the News for August…

New CEO for EMFI?

Ghost Emperor is running for CEO of EMFI, with the encouragement of the existing CEO. The vote has been allowed to run for a week to encourage maximum participation. Ghost Emperor is the alt of Shiva Shakti / Asriel Grumman of Hi Tech Industries (H-TI, which does all the production work for AATP), and is also the alt of Mesmerism, an EMFI auditor. The vote thread can be found here: Linky

Ghost Emperor says that the immediate plan for EMFI in August is to:
  • Conduct a full handover audit and prepare a new NAV assessment and pay dividends if the NAV is above 10,000 isk per share;
  • Publish this initial portfolio and the monthly which will display holdings, average value and NAV per share;
  • Drive the fund for maximum shareholder value, actively trade and engage with the stocks held and invest in new IPO’s;
  • Ask the current Trustees to remain on board to retain investor confidence;
  • Engage with investors with regards to future activity on the basis of at least two months full reporting.

New CEO for AATP

Dark Shikari’s alt Yukari Tanizaki has successfully run for the CEO of AATP. We would like to congratulate Yukari and wish the corporation a profitable future.

News Thread on Eve-o

The background to these news items and general EMFI and AATP discussion can be found in an new EVE-O thread found here: Linky