Sunday, June 11, 2006

[XANO] acheives 9.24% result

"Today the first Xanotech dividend is being paid out to Xanotech shareholders, it was a very eventful period of time for us, our BPO was acquired, our production was started, and we were listed on the EVE Stock Exchange. For those of you eagerly anticipating for this day I can say finally say that your waiting has paid off; due to acquiring the BPO much earlier then anticipated, we are having a much larger dividend then expected. "

Investor Vote

Should Xanotech Produce from Profitable TECH II BPCs?

There is a small and growing TECH II BPC market, Xanotech has the ability to acquire TECH II BPCs at a cost to make a suitable profit through production, while not generating much profit, we expect this side-production to add additional revenue.

CEO Analysis: Producing from BPCs in addition to Xanotech owned TECH II BPOs would generate additional profit with very little risk involved. I am expecting this measure to pass without an issue as it will increase dividend payouts.

EMFI voted YES to exploring the posibility of building from the BPC market to increase revenue and profit.


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