Saturday, June 10, 2006

[-SVE-] IPO Interview and Grilling

I have had an interview with Janette of -SVE-:
[edited for readability and security]

Janette > lo
EMFi Manager > just a few quick questions.....
Janette > sure
EMFi Manager > 1) what are the fallbacks for if you go inactive/get hit by a bus? anyone with a directorseat that can run for CEO and liquidate the corp?
EMFi Manager > 2) what sort of BPO's are you going to buy, are you gonna take your time or forcebuy/rushbuy
EMFi Manager > 3) when are the dividend dates
EMFi Manager > 4) is the corp doing the IPO purely for the IPO or will it run multiple financial accounts?
EMFi Manager > 5) how many shares you sold yet?
EMFi Manager > 6) did you apply on EGSE?
Janette > 1) fallback = my brother has access to it all, and will take care of it if anything might happen
Janette > 2) BPOs I'm looking at modules and t2 guns mainly and the good t2 ammo bpos such as long range ammo but I'd rather go with module bpos
Janette > 3) dividend, was hoping to have it every 15th of each month, that will give me almost a week to collect some bpos and make realistic dividends next month
Janette > 4) I don't quite understand the question
Janette > 5) I have 3679 left
Janette > 6) no I did not apply for egse but I might
EMFi Manager > [about Q4] well if there is also a NORMAL corp in the same corp as the IPO
Janette > no it's just an IPO no offices just business
EMFi Manager > can you answer me about the rushbuying?
EMFi Manager > the risk is that becuase you HAVE to buy BPOS and you HAVE to spend 25b you might pay too much or buy a wrong BPO
EMFi Manager > or will you just not buy if the right deal doesn't come up
EMFi Manager > who will (help you) decide what BPO to buy and what to pay for it? have you got expert advice?
Janette > I do the math on every BPO and I will not exceed the 10 month figure by more than 5% over, my brother has several t2 bpos as well so we have some experience in the field
EMFi Manager > why do you do it?
EMFi Manager > what is in it for you?
Janette > other than the 500 shares I have? I've been looking for an investment and this looked like a good way to make use for my freighter and t2 production skills, also I think this is fun, looking at prices investing that stuff
EMFi Manager > are there any really big figure heads that know you well?
EMFi Manager > or even IRL?
Janette > do you know xxxxxxx?
EMFi Manager > yes
EMFi Manager > with my main character
Janette > he's very rich and kinda owns xxxxxxx bpo
Janette > he's entrusted me and he's a friend of mine
EMFi Manager > ok
EMFi Manager > could you have him send me an evemail to confirm?
EMFi Manager > you said you were considering EGSE actually you said you "might" can you elaborate?
Janette > you mean is the IPO not gonna go on egse or me personally
Janette > yes of course I will let it go on egse
EMFi Manager > do you own all t2 component bpos
EMFi Manager > researched?
EMFi Manager > or are you going to purchase the t2 components?
Janette > I have access to several POSes but I will have to discuss with them prices on components, until then I will use market, ram and all that I will get bpos
EMFi Manager > will you ever release a second offering of more shares? or just looking to survive by making the 25b grow?
Janette > I won't, I'm looking to have that 2% of the dividends be enough for further investments
EMFi Manager > sales going well still?
Janette > it leaped around 20.20 but going a bit slower now
EMFi Manager > it seemed you were releasing 5500 shares
EMFi Manager > and 5000 to market
EMFi Manager > but it showed 4500/5000
EMFi Manager > did you actually have 5000 shares OF WHICH 500 for yourself?
Janette > yes
EMFi Manager > so you are raising 22.5b not 25b ;P
Janette > basically
EMFi Manager > ok
EMFi Manager > first I want to buy 1 share
EMFi Manager > so I can verify the corp votes
EMFi Manager > so I will send you 5m ;P
EMFi Manager > sent
Janette > right you want me to send to you or another char?
EMFi Manager > me
Janette > k sent
EMFi Manager > just 1 vote for 4k shares
EMFi Manager > ok.. I will buy some :P
EMFi Manager > was confirming 1 vote has passed
EMFi Manager > to create 4k shares
EMFi Manager > in addition of the 1k starting shres
Janette > ah


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