Thursday, May 04, 2006

[OT-TS] Re-Publishes 1st period results

Corporation: [OT-TS] Templi Cube Productions
CEO: Violet Amaria

Source: EvE Online Forums

After doublechecking all the numbers Templi Cube published a first period result of (+0.49%) for 98.51isk/share.

The first month suffered from several weeks of idle ISK as they attempted to acquire barge BPOs. They purchased 25 built covetors to fill projected orders while waiting for a covetor BPO they had negotiated. No bulk orders were made, so they sold part of the stock (5 ships) on the local market and through lottories to generate some profits and interest while they awaited orders. When the BPO acquisition failed, they scrambled to shift gears and begin to generate a profit. During week 2, we acquired a Bane Rage Torp BPO, a Raven BPO, and a Apocolypse BPO. The Torp BPO was put in to a factory immediately with no output until week 3. Delays associated with mineral shipments and relocation of purchased BPOs prevented any real production until mid week 3. The first apocolypse (funni's personal ship) was sold on 4/26. Funni will be repaid with a built Apocolypse at a later date. They sold their first built Apocolypse on the 28th. The Raven BPO is in a lab, where it will remain for several weeks.


Anonymous Aaro'ne Erviale said...

Strange fluctuations on EGSE for OT-TS shares as prices are skyrocketing again due to people buying at 600k + per share.
Odd behaviour or short time memory???
As a result the EGSEi is swept back up by more than 100%.

May 08, 2006 9:13 am  
Blogger EMFi Manager said...

one of the things missing in EGSE is that it doesn't pay attn to volume... 1 share bought by someone that just wants to own 1 share may pay way too much.. if that is the last trade then well they will boost the price.. the graph actually MAKES people buy more... bullbuying

May 08, 2006 6:32 pm  

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