Saturday, May 06, 2006

[IPO] Phase II offering of EMFI shares begins

40% of total EMFI shares (4,000,000 shares) have been set aside for wealthy individuals and institutional investors.

Starting 7th of may 2006 till 20:00 eve time 11th of may institutional investors and wealthy individuals can purchase shares in EMFi. Minimum order will be 100,000 shares and price will be 10,150 isk / share.

Procedure to follow:
  1. Post on the eve-online sell forum with the amount you wish to purchase (any amount above 100,000 shares such as 123,001 shares will be accepted amounts under 100,000 will be ignored)
  2. Send eve-mail to the character EMFi Manager
  3. Send isk to the EMFi Manager (100,000 shares = 1,015,000,000.00 isk)
  4. Your shares will be transferred on Sunday night or Thursday night

see for details about this mutual fund and its IPO.

At this stage individual small investors are not able to purchase shares yet, this will happen during phase III of the IPO starting next Thursday, once shares for phase II are sold out those investors can purchase more shares during phase III.


Blogger EMFi Manager said...

Phase II has been extended to 20:00 Friday due to Downtime

May 12, 2006 4:27 pm  

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