Friday, May 12, 2006

[IPO] Phase II of EMFi a huge Success!

The institutional phase (phase II) of the IPO has run for 5 days now, and many wealthy individuals invested between 1bil and 2.5bil each on this venture. Currently 2,590,500 shares have been sold in phase I and phase II and another 200,000 shares have been reserved.

Operations have commenced and buying and selling of shares is in full effect.
No dividends have been received yet, but 0.21% profit has already been acheived in this first week.

At this rate, we are on track of beating our target for 15th of June by 0.18%.

Watch this space for the announcement of the Phase III of the IPO to the General public! (as soon as EMFi is added to the EGSE listing)


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