Monday, May 01, 2006

[HIGHR] Stingy CEO Scammer or Mesiah?

Financial Details
Corp: [HIGHR] High roller corp
IPO Date: 23th of march
Issue price: 4M
Issue size: 100 share blocks
Flotation: 1,000 shares out of total ?unknown? corp shares
Target: The very bored, wealthy & curious eve-player

On [23th of march 2006] Stingy CEO announced on his alt character Midori Annata. To be able to deliver 5% ROI per 48hours. It involved an IPO of 10 packs of 100 shares each costing 400mio/pack. The story behind this, is that it is a secret way to make isk and unsafe to disclose any information. The thread he posted his IPO in got spammed and flamed to hell. And finally got locked, in second thread he is showing great dividends, on first glance this seems a Pyramid scheme paying out huge dividends (directly from capital) thereby boosting share-price, issuing more shares at a higher price and then eat up that capital as well. The only person that gets rich is the CEO himself. There has been some movement with stock options and other constructions but I couldn't be bothered to wade through the massive amount of posts.

EMFi Rating: Scam Alert - High-risk / High-reward.


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