Sunday, May 21, 2006

[FIEF] First Investment Fund? Not the first but can it be successful?

Carla Black, with her alt FIEF Manager has announced an IPO for a total market capitalisation of 1b isk. We are uncertain yet what to think of this operation yet for the following reasons:

1) Timing was extremely poor she tried to float during the extreme hype of EMFI and HIGHR IPO days, was this timing poor, or was the hype the reason she announced the IPO?
2) Unclear corporate goals and business plan. even while the scale is small (1b capital) it is also spread between savings accounts, share portfolio and capital needed for mineral trading.
3) Preparation and language, Carla Black is German, and some of her posts are incomprehensible, I feel this isn't an excuse if you are running a public company, let someone proofread for you, also the IPO seems ill prepared, the website thrown together in a matter of days.
4) Support and safety nets, don't really see those yet besides that Carla Black is a nice person and that 1b is not a lot to do a scam about.

EMFi will watch this operation closely.


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