Friday, May 19, 2006

[EMFI] Succesful IPO week - Last day starting

The last 24hours of the IPO has begun, you can still buy shares through in the way explained in the eve-online post.

Just a quick financial update on our first week of operations:

  • We cleared about 1b isk in profit which will be added to the dividends for 15th of june.
  • We are already 72% to our result target for 15th of june and with the dividends of our complete portfolio still pending this target will easilly be beat.
  • Currently we sold 5,215,235 shares for over 52b isk.
  • We will STOP selling share on saturday 20:00 and won't sell any more shares until we have to to increase our liquidity (less then 4b isk in wallet) at market prices with minimum of 110% NAV.
  • In other words, after saturday 20:00 market will determine price. Get some quick before the IPO is over!
  • ROI of first week at 10-30% of operational strength = 1.09%

may 19th portfolio:



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