Saturday, May 20, 2006

[EMFI] IPO is CLOSED! - 6,239,186 shares sold

The first 3 phases of the EMFi IPO was a massive success combined we sold over 6.2Milion shares for a total capital of over 62bil.
I want to specifically thank Jack McFarlane who singlehandedly brokered almost 10bil isk worth of shares through EGSE. and Cally who brokered over 4bil shares through EIBI.

We would like to release our current portfolio to the public (this portfolio is in draft and hasn't been audited or approved yet by our trustees, 0.001% of transactions haven't cleared yet, and we are waiting for 0.005% of the shares to be returned from the various brokers.)

Current portfolio (click to enlarge) :


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