Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Captial Enterprises, how not to release an IPO

Corporation: Captial Enterprises
CEO: Captial IPO

Captial enterprises announces IPO

--== WARNING ==--
This IPO Scores 9/10 ARSE
[Aeaus Rating of Scamming Eveplayers]
--== WARNING ==--

Captial enterprises is the classroom example of an IPO Scam as described by Aeaus in the informative article Avoiding IPO Scams. Lets go through the motions of the Aeaus model regarding warning signs:

1) Using an alt : CHECK
2) Excessive request for isk: not established
3) No proven ability to do what they promise: CHECK
4) No proven experience: CHECK
5) No transparency: CHECK
6) Defensive behaviour: CHECK
7) Badly prepped IPO: CHECK
8) No established playing time: CHECK
9) Funky name and bad spelling: CHECK
10) No Matching Forum history: CHECK


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