Monday, May 01, 2006

Analist Review: Highroller corp

Corp: [HIGHR] High Roller Corp
CEO: Stingy CEO

Source: EvE-Online Forums
Author: Omber Zombie

ok, i've gone through the books, here are my thoughts:

What are important assets for this corporation or its business plan?
One of the interesting things about this plan is that minimal assets are required to fulfill the business plan. It's being executed by 2 highly specialized alt characters and as long as they have a stable amount of liquid isk to work with (which it seems they do), the isk generation of the plan is almost risk free. I say almost as with most businesses there is always a risk of competition, but based on what I have been show and a long conversation with Stingy, the competition is both minimal and friendly.

What are the important expenses for this corporation or in its business plan?
Expenses are market taxes only, and the possibility of having to replace a ship. Highly unlikely that a ship relacement will be needed. As dividends are based on a fixed amount (2.8 billion) minimal losses can be incurred without harming the dividend payout,conversely, if business does well for the period, bonuspayments have been madein the past.

What are important revenues/source of income of this corporation or its business plan?
Revenue is based solely on market activities. There is the provision for future movement into the production market, but this will more than likely be part of a seperate IPO. The only risk here to revenue is if the characters involved are found out and wardecced to stop them from operating. As far as I know the only people that know the alts involved are Stingy and myself, so this risk is very low.

Your final evaluation:
The business plan presented to me, while slightly unorthodox compared to most Business Plans, is extremely well thought out. I understand the need for the privacy and askingof trust in this venture as if the main people involvedin this wereto bepublicly known, the plan would fail. Is this a scam? Possible but highly unlikely. The amount of isk involved wouldn't be worth it to Stingy to take the isk and run. If this did occur, I do have in my possession screenshots of all the characters involved in this business, as awell as some characters on the same accounts. They will be released to the public if the worst happens.

Latest (monthly) dividend: 2.8mil isk/share
Your score for this IPO: 95%


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