Wednesday, May 31, 2006

[EMFI] Dividend Schedule

Because of a lot of questions on when we are issuing dividend we decided to publish a schedule with target dividends. Dividends being issued are based on profit and could beat, meet or fall short of our targets.

  • Date sched / target isk / date -paid / actual isk / diff

  • 15-06-2006 / 128.00 isk / 15-06-2006 / 426.00 isk / +233%

  • 15-07-2006 / 255.00 isk / 15-07-2006 / 684.00 isk / +204%

  • 15-08-2006 / 384.00 isk / 15-08-2006 / 415.00 isk / +8%

  • 15-09-2006 / 485.00 isk /

  • 15-10-2006 / 649.00 isk /

Sunday, May 28, 2006

[EMFI] Week 1 Financial Statement

EMFI has been operational for 1 week now since the IPO here is our first mid period weekly financial statement. Dividends will be paid out at the end of the period on june 15th

Matching week 1 portfolio

--------------------------- Income Statement --------------------------
(all numbers in milions since beginning of IPO)
Expenses: 180
Marketing: 180
  • ((Broker sell-off: 98))
  • ((EGSE sponsorship: 50))
  • ((BIO Rentals: 20))
  • ((Marketing Donations: 12))
Brokerfees: ((not being accounted, will be neutralized with trading income))

Income: 2536
Interest: 75
Dividend: 676
  • ((RDST:97))
  • ((EIBI:579))

Trading: 1785

  • ((15xISSPO:120))
  • ((55xPTEC:255))
  • ((22xT2AHL:66))
  • ((500xOTTS:50))
  • ((600xRDST:360))
  • ((1.5mxEMFI:500))
  • ((underbuying:434))

Result: 2356 (156% over target)
Realised dividend for 15th of June: 200isk (+72isk over target)

--------------------------- Balance Sheet -----------------------------
(all numbers in milions)
Outstanding Shares: 62,521
Retained Shares: 37,479
Reserved Salaries: 118
Reserved Dividend: 2,002
Reserved Fund Growth: 236
Total: 102,356

Retained Shares: 37,479
Investments: 40,684
Wallet: 17,717
Savings Account (6%): 4,073
Orders: 2,403
Total: 102,356

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Roughnecks Trading announces Float


"Roughneck Trading is floating. We are a manufacturing and trading corporation that turns an average profit of 30% on each manufacturing run. We are floating so that we can fund the acquisition of Freighter, Battleship, Battlecruiser, Select Drone and Ammo, Torpedo, Cruise Missile and Select T2 equipment such as Sensor Boosters. The float will also fund the material purchases for the manufacturing of said items. With a GP of 30%+ on each manufacturing run a return of 10% per month will be guaranteed for the fist 10months of operation.5000 Shares on Offer at 1mil ISK each with a guaranteed return of 100% over 10months."

Seems to be very little animo for this float due to the lack of transparancy, communcations and website.
EMFi isn't investing yet in this IPO.

[EIBI] Preliminary Shareholder report

Cally: "We have seen excellent progress in the past month, with a slight but steady increase in the market value of the items we produce and sell on.Currently the corporate growth stands at approximatley 8.04% based on initial corporate asset value compared with current book value.This is giving us an estimated dividend payout of approximatley 11.5b to 12b isk, which is slightly higher than projected.Of course, as promised, the EIB will ensure a rate of 10% is paid out and will therefore credit the EIBI account with the shortfall in the dividend.For this reason, there will be 2 dividends issued on the 28th of May.First will be the true dividend payout, and the second will be the shortfall payment."

[P-TEC] A Sign of life

Phoenix Technoligies have sent a public message to all P-TEC investors who invested in P-TEC.

Ensuring all investors it isn't a scam and they haven't communicated at all over the last few weeks. Unfortunately many people already lost confidence and stepped out of this stock. EMFi took profits the first signs of P-TEC Inactivity.

Will P-TEC be able to regain investor confidence? a healty dividend and the launch of their new website this month might just be what it needs.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

[EMFI] Analyst Reports on EMFI

The following brokers have made an analyst report on EMFI,
Thanks for your time!

Omber Zombie // Rating 99% see also: OZ Titty Bar
Jack McFarlane // Rating 90% see also: Jacks Brokerpage
Elange4 // (****)
Ferrosa // 80%

Sunday, May 21, 2006

[BMBE] Communication overview

Corporation: BIG Merchant Bank of EvE
CEO: TornSoul / Jannis Detari

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Posted - 2006.05.21 [SMO] 30b loan closed 252 shares left
Posted - 2006.05.13 JM Broker Report on EGSE
Posted - 2006.05.07 [SMO] Sharevalue increased to 52M
Posted - 2006.05.04 [SMO] BMBE Issues 50b more shares
Posted - 2006.05.04 [BMBE] #3 period Finances
Posted - 2006.04.15 [BMBE] Press: The Bank accepts T2 BPOs
Posted - 2006.04.14 [BMBE] #2 period Finances
Posted - 2006.03.23 [BMBE] Forums
Posted - 2006.03.05 [BMBE] #1 period Finances
Posted - 2006.02.04 BMBE Homepage
Posted - 2006.02.04 [BMBE] Open for Bussiness
Posted - 2006.01.21 [IPO] BMBE Launches!

[FEIF] Communication Overview

Corporation: [FEIF] First Eve Investment Fund
CEO: Carla Black / FEIF Manager

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Posted - 2006.05.21 [IPO] 15.000 shares sold
Posted - 2006.05.21 [Editorial] FEIF Not the first but successful?
Posted - 2006.05.18 [FEIF] IPO Sales Thread
Posted - 2006.05.18 [FEIF] Announces IPO
Posted - 2006.05.18 [FEIF] Launches website

[SHMEC] Communication Overview

Corporation: [SHMEC] Silver Hand Mining and Exploration Corp
CEO: Apina Darko

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Posted - 2006.06.20 EMFi invests venture Capital into SHMEC
Posted - 2006.05.19 [SHMEC] launches new website

[NEWS] Financial RSS Feeds

[FIEF] First Investment Fund? Not the first but can it be successful?

Carla Black, with her alt FIEF Manager has announced an IPO for a total market capitalisation of 1b isk. We are uncertain yet what to think of this operation yet for the following reasons:

1) Timing was extremely poor she tried to float during the extreme hype of EMFI and HIGHR IPO days, was this timing poor, or was the hype the reason she announced the IPO?
2) Unclear corporate goals and business plan. even while the scale is small (1b capital) it is also spread between savings accounts, share portfolio and capital needed for mineral trading.
3) Preparation and language, Carla Black is German, and some of her posts are incomprehensible, I feel this isn't an excuse if you are running a public company, let someone proofread for you, also the IPO seems ill prepared, the website thrown together in a matter of days.
4) Support and safety nets, don't really see those yet besides that Carla Black is a nice person and that 1b is not a lot to do a scam about.

EMFi will watch this operation closely.

[HIGHR] Highroller corp retires

Stingy Ceo, the CEO of probable the most controversial corp that has been seen by the financial market in the last year is retiring his operations due to RL issues and probably also to the presure of a 2bilion operational loss. He is liquidating assets as we speak to refund all the investors.

I wonder if we will see more of this very colourful person.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

[EMFI] IPO is CLOSED! - 6,239,186 shares sold

The first 3 phases of the EMFi IPO was a massive success combined we sold over 6.2Milion shares for a total capital of over 62bil.
I want to specifically thank Jack McFarlane who singlehandedly brokered almost 10bil isk worth of shares through EGSE. and Cally who brokered over 4bil shares through EIBI.

We would like to release our current portfolio to the public (this portfolio is in draft and hasn't been audited or approved yet by our trustees, 0.001% of transactions haven't cleared yet, and we are waiting for 0.005% of the shares to be returned from the various brokers.)

Current portfolio (click to enlarge) :

[EMFI] EvE Mutual fund invests venture capital in: Silver Hand Mining and Exploration Corp

Silver Hand Mining and Exploration Corp

Is a new startup company, which startup capital is funded by EMFi for 15% equity in the corp, EMFi whishes this startup the best of luck!

Friday, May 19, 2006

[EMFI] Succesful IPO week - Last day starting

The last 24hours of the IPO has begun, you can still buy shares through in the way explained in the eve-online post.

Just a quick financial update on our first week of operations:

  • We cleared about 1b isk in profit which will be added to the dividends for 15th of june.
  • We are already 72% to our result target for 15th of june and with the dividends of our complete portfolio still pending this target will easilly be beat.
  • Currently we sold 5,215,235 shares for over 52b isk.
  • We will STOP selling share on saturday 20:00 and won't sell any more shares until we have to to increase our liquidity (less then 4b isk in wallet) at market prices with minimum of 110% NAV.
  • In other words, after saturday 20:00 market will determine price. Get some quick before the IPO is over!
  • ROI of first week at 10-30% of operational strength = 1.09%

may 19th portfolio:


Sunday, May 14, 2006

[EMFI] First day of IPO great success

EMFI raised another 9 bil in capital on the first day of the Phase 3 of the IPO. Capital was raised using the following methods:
  • Portfolio Consolidation - investors hand in their portfolio's in exchange for EMFI shares
  • EGSE Brokering - investors buy shares through the trusted brokers of EGSE
  • EIB Brokering - investors buy shares through the trusted brokers of EIB
  • Direct Purchasing - for large orders (25k+ shares) EMFI facilitated herself

Currently our Portfolio looks like: (click to enlarge)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

[EMFI] announces 3rd and last phase of IPO

Corp: Eve Mutual Fund Inc
Source: EVE-O

EMFI shares available to general public now!

Issue price 10,300 isk / share

Friday, May 12, 2006

[EMFI] Portfolio of 12-may-2006

Click images to enlarge

EMFI listed at the [EGSE]

Today EvE Mutual Fund inc won a listing at the Eve Galactic Stock Exchange [EGSE]

In preparation of phase 3 of the IPO.

Quote: "EMFi has set a new standard for professionalism in all of EvE business, not just IPO's."

[IPO] Phase II of EMFi a huge Success!

The institutional phase (phase II) of the IPO has run for 5 days now, and many wealthy individuals invested between 1bil and 2.5bil each on this venture. Currently 2,590,500 shares have been sold in phase I and phase II and another 200,000 shares have been reserved.

Operations have commenced and buying and selling of shares is in full effect.
No dividends have been received yet, but 0.21% profit has already been acheived in this first week.

At this rate, we are on track of beating our target for 15th of June by 0.18%.

Watch this space for the announcement of the Phase III of the IPO to the General public! (as soon as EMFi is added to the EGSE listing)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

[IPO] Phase II offering of EMFI shares begins

40% of total EMFI shares (4,000,000 shares) have been set aside for wealthy individuals and institutional investors.

Starting 7th of may 2006 till 20:00 eve time 11th of may institutional investors and wealthy individuals can purchase shares in EMFi. Minimum order will be 100,000 shares and price will be 10,150 isk / share.

Procedure to follow:
  1. Post on the eve-online sell forum with the amount you wish to purchase (any amount above 100,000 shares such as 123,001 shares will be accepted amounts under 100,000 will be ignored)
  2. Send eve-mail to the character EMFi Manager
  3. Send isk to the EMFi Manager (100,000 shares = 1,015,000,000.00 isk)
  4. Your shares will be transferred on Sunday night or Thursday night

see for details about this mutual fund and its IPO.

At this stage individual small investors are not able to purchase shares yet, this will happen during phase III of the IPO starting next Thursday, once shares for phase II are sold out those investors can purchase more shares during phase III.

[EMFI] EvE Mutual Fund files form SCC-S6

EvE mutual fund filed SCC-S6 (Registering shares for public ownership) in anticipation of phase II of their share introduction tomorrow.

Phase II will allow for institutional investors and wealthy individuals to buy shares with a minimum purchase of 100,000 shares before the general eve public can buy single shares. Phase I has finished successfully with the recruiting of 4 individuals and raising 3.6bil capital.

Friday, May 05, 2006

[EMFi] Registered with the SCC

Today EMFi issued the following forms to the SCC

SCC-N-8B-2 Registering as a Share issuing Unit Trust
SCC-T2 Registration of Trustees (Femintaki, Omber Zombie, Zzazzt, Naphtalia)
SCC-S8 Phase 1 offering shares to the Trustees
SCC-424A Preliminary prospectus

Shares are expected to become available for phase I of the IPO on Friday night.

Details on the prospectus, IPO Schedule, etc can be found on EMFi Investor Relations

Please see IPO Schedule for details on the release of shares, currently no shares are available to the public.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Zzazzt accepts position as Chairman of the Board

Zzazzt, one of the more prominent pod-pilots in eve, founding member of the NVA, Leader of NSA, co leader of Foundation, F-E and ERA. Expressed confidence in this venture and accepts a position as the Chairman of the board. He will sit in a directorchair and act as a safety net in case the fundmanagers get hit by a bus.


[OT-TS] Re-Publishes 1st period results

Corporation: [OT-TS] Templi Cube Productions
CEO: Violet Amaria

Source: EvE Online Forums

After doublechecking all the numbers Templi Cube published a first period result of (+0.49%) for 98.51isk/share.

The first month suffered from several weeks of idle ISK as they attempted to acquire barge BPOs. They purchased 25 built covetors to fill projected orders while waiting for a covetor BPO they had negotiated. No bulk orders were made, so they sold part of the stock (5 ships) on the local market and through lottories to generate some profits and interest while they awaited orders. When the BPO acquisition failed, they scrambled to shift gears and begin to generate a profit. During week 2, we acquired a Bane Rage Torp BPO, a Raven BPO, and a Apocolypse BPO. The Torp BPO was put in to a factory immediately with no output until week 3. Delays associated with mineral shipments and relocation of purchased BPOs prevented any real production until mid week 3. The first apocolypse (funni's personal ship) was sold on 4/26. Funni will be repaid with a built Apocolypse at a later date. They sold their first built Apocolypse on the 28th. The Raven BPO is in a lab, where it will remain for several weeks.


Date: May 04, 2006
Corp: [EVSIN] Everyshore Investments
Fund Manager: De Mont
EMFi Rating: Strong Buy
EMFi Trades:
(Bid 81,000 isk // Ask 135,000 isk)
EMFi 10 week bid target: 122,500 isk

Due to extreme confidence in EVSIN, traders are paying a premium for these shares (over the estimated fair value of 69,000 isk). EMFi upgrades this stock to Strong Buy with 81k-135k bid/ask spread. EMFi is comfortable with the trading range (81-125k) his stock is moving in.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

[OT-TS] Templi Cube: "no dividend"

Corporation: [OT-TS] Templi Cube Productions
CEO: Violet Amaria

Source: EvE Online Forums

After talks with several investors and brokers Templi Cube decided to withdraw 1st period dividends for the following reasons:

1) The operational period is too short to issue dividends
2) There was no operational profit
3) There were inconsistencies in the 1st Monthly report which need to be corrected
4) The first month was rough, it is deemed in the investors best interest to not cut into the assets by paying dividends

EMFi supports this move and has more confidence in this stock. We eagerly look out for the 1st monthly numbers once they are republished.

[OGPLC] Communication overview

Corporation: [OGPLC] OmniGen Plc
CEO: Fendra

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Posted - 2006.05.01 [OGPLC] auctions remaining shares
Posted - 2006.05.01 [OGPLC] Shareholder report #2
Posted - 2006.04.16 [OGPLC] Shareholder report #1
Posted - 2006.03.22 [OGPLC] IPO Announcement
Posted - 2006.03.22 OmniGen Plc Press Release

Captial Enterprises, how not to release an IPO

Corporation: Captial Enterprises
CEO: Captial IPO

Captial enterprises announces IPO

--== WARNING ==--
This IPO Scores 9/10 ARSE
[Aeaus Rating of Scamming Eveplayers]
--== WARNING ==--

Captial enterprises is the classroom example of an IPO Scam as described by Aeaus in the informative article Avoiding IPO Scams. Lets go through the motions of the Aeaus model regarding warning signs:

1) Using an alt : CHECK
2) Excessive request for isk: not established
3) No proven ability to do what they promise: CHECK
4) No proven experience: CHECK
5) No transparency: CHECK
6) Defensive behaviour: CHECK
7) Badly prepped IPO: CHECK
8) No established playing time: CHECK
9) Funky name and bad spelling: CHECK
10) No Matching Forum history: CHECK

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Omber Zombie accepts position as Trustee

Omber Zombie, a wellknown and trusted member of the pod-pilot community has agreed to become a Board Member of the EMFi through the purchase of 50,000 shares (500mio isk). With a long history of industrial, corporate and combat leadership, as well as being a lecturer at Eve University, Omber Zombie brings his skills in market and politic analysis to the board.


Femintaki accepts position as Trustee

Femintaki, a well known trader in the tech2 market has sponsored EMFi with a board membership in EMFi, she will be investing a minimum of 500mio isk (50,000 shares) when phase 1 starts.

Over the last 3 years Femintaki has gained enormous experience in trade and investment within the EVE community. She was one of the first people to recognise the possibilities of theT2 market when it first emerged and was buying BPOs from the moment they started to be discovered by agents. Femintaki now has a personal holding of approx seventy T2 BPOs and this continues to grow.


[OT-TS] Communication Overview

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Corp: Templi Cube Productions
CEO: Erfnam and Funni

4th of May 2006: Re-Publishes 1st period results
3rd of May 2006: Cancels 1st months dividends
2nd of May 2006: Disappointing 1st month results (post removed)
23rd of April 2006: Omber Zombie Scores OT-TS @ 80%
18th of April 2006: Templi Cube announces weekly Covetor Lottery
17th of April 2006: Templi Cube acquires Bane Rage Torpedo Blueprint
12th of April 2006: Templi Cube received listing at EGSE
5th of April 2006: Templi Cube Accepts orders for ships
1st of April 2006: Templi Cube IPO Sold out (25% of company)
27th of Mar 2006: IPO Announcement

Monday, May 01, 2006

[EVSIN] Analyst Review

Author: Naphtalia
Date of Review: May 01, 2006
Corp: [EVSIN] Everyshore Investments
Fund Manager: De Mont
EMFi Rating: Strong Buy
EMFi Trades: (Bid 69,000 isk // Ask 125,000 isk)
EMFi 10 week target: 115,000 isk

Everyshore Investments seeks to maximise income for its shareholders through the trading of minerals and NPC goods across the Everyshore region.
The corporation specialises in exploiting inter-regional arbitrage oportunities and uses courier outsourcing to effectively manage logistics.

The corporation is basically a Closed-End Trading Company (CETC) that plays the mineral and NPC markets in Everyshore region. They pay out dividends based on their Capital Gain (difference in Net Assets Value) and buy back any shares at 95% NAV.

They have operated for 8 weeks using a small investment pool (50Mio) after they went public and are operating since 5 weeks with a significantly larger investment pool of (220Mio)

Dilligence and Compliance
The corporation has been producing detailed statements for the last 13weeks and have paid out more dividends then the nominal face value of the shares. Corporation is very communicative and publishes clear readable records.

Investor Value
The Company has shown a very healthy dividend averaging around 17.5% of nominal value, they had some trouble retaining their profitability since 3 weeks ago but their latest published numbers are very impressive again and hit their average dividend.

figure 1: Dividend per week based on nominal value

The original investors really hit the jackpot with this stockpick, if an investor invested 10,000 isk in shares in week 0 and sells to the buy-back scheme of this share in week 13 the graph below shows his investment result. As you can see the investor would have more then trippled his isk over the last 13 weeks.

Figure 2: Investment result from week 1, using the buy-back scheme

There has been very limited volume in this stock it seems that all investors are keen to hold on to their shares, to get a more realistic view on ROI you have to calculate the virtual value of the stock based on dividends. The following graph shows the fluctuation of the virtual stock value and the monthly dividend percentages based on the virtual stock value. As you can see, if you use a ROI of 8% monthly this stocks virtual price has been fluctuating between 115,000 isk and 135,000 isk in the last few weeks. That is a over 11x the nominal value of this share.

Figure 3: Virtual Stock value and relative dividend percentage

Finally the graph below shows the investment result based on the virtual stock price (the price someone should be able to sell the shares for now:

Risks & Investment:
This stock is virtually riskless, however becuase it is a CETC, the fundmanager is perfectly in his right to liquidate the corp assets and spread them over the shareholders. The fundmanager doesn't make any claim that his shares are worth more then 105% of NAV. Even though this share is a perfect investment, even at 100k isk when this fund would get liquidated within a year you will lose isk. The fund has shown history for 13weeks and it is likely it will sustain comparable profitability over the next 13 weeks as well. Because of this I set a ROI target of 13weeks which would make the stock value @ 69,000 isk (break even after 13 weeks with simmilar performance and liquidation or buy-back in 13 weeks time)

[EVSIN] Communication overview

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Corp: [EVSIN] Everyshore Investments
Fund Manager: De Mont

4th of May 2006: EVSIN Upgraded +15%
2nd of May 2006: EVSIN Analyst Review [STRONG BUY]
1st of May 2006: EVSIN Week #13 Reports
30th of April 2006: EVSIN financial report website
14th of March 2006: Second Share Issue Auction
17th of January 2006: Initial Public offering

Analist Review: Highroller corp

Corp: [HIGHR] High Roller Corp
CEO: Stingy CEO

Source: EvE-Online Forums
Author: Omber Zombie

ok, i've gone through the books, here are my thoughts:

What are important assets for this corporation or its business plan?
One of the interesting things about this plan is that minimal assets are required to fulfill the business plan. It's being executed by 2 highly specialized alt characters and as long as they have a stable amount of liquid isk to work with (which it seems they do), the isk generation of the plan is almost risk free. I say almost as with most businesses there is always a risk of competition, but based on what I have been show and a long conversation with Stingy, the competition is both minimal and friendly.

What are the important expenses for this corporation or in its business plan?
Expenses are market taxes only, and the possibility of having to replace a ship. Highly unlikely that a ship relacement will be needed. As dividends are based on a fixed amount (2.8 billion) minimal losses can be incurred without harming the dividend payout,conversely, if business does well for the period, bonuspayments have been madein the past.

What are important revenues/source of income of this corporation or its business plan?
Revenue is based solely on market activities. There is the provision for future movement into the production market, but this will more than likely be part of a seperate IPO. The only risk here to revenue is if the characters involved are found out and wardecced to stop them from operating. As far as I know the only people that know the alts involved are Stingy and myself, so this risk is very low.

Your final evaluation:
The business plan presented to me, while slightly unorthodox compared to most Business Plans, is extremely well thought out. I understand the need for the privacy and askingof trust in this venture as if the main people involvedin this wereto bepublicly known, the plan would fail. Is this a scam? Possible but highly unlikely. The amount of isk involved wouldn't be worth it to Stingy to take the isk and run. If this did occur, I do have in my possession screenshots of all the characters involved in this business, as awell as some characters on the same accounts. They will be released to the public if the worst happens.

Latest (monthly) dividend: 2.8mil isk/share
Your score for this IPO: 95%

[HIGHR] Communication Overview

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Corp: [HIGHR] Highroller corp
Ceo: Stingy CEO

21st of May 2006: Highroller corp Retires
1st of May 2006: 2nd Offering for 1oth of May
1st of May 2006: Analyst Review
1st of May 2006: Editorial
2nd of Apr 2006: Highroller Corp announces Stock-split
28th of Mar 2006: Stingy CEO gets in fight over TS Services
25th of Mar 2006: HIGHR Announces sale of Options
23th of Mar 2006 : IPO Announcement

[HIGHR] Stingy CEO Scammer or Mesiah?

Financial Details
Corp: [HIGHR] High roller corp
IPO Date: 23th of march
Issue price: 4M
Issue size: 100 share blocks
Flotation: 1,000 shares out of total ?unknown? corp shares
Target: The very bored, wealthy & curious eve-player

On [23th of march 2006] Stingy CEO announced on his alt character Midori Annata. To be able to deliver 5% ROI per 48hours. It involved an IPO of 10 packs of 100 shares each costing 400mio/pack. The story behind this, is that it is a secret way to make isk and unsafe to disclose any information. The thread he posted his IPO in got spammed and flamed to hell. And finally got locked, in second thread he is showing great dividends, on first glance this seems a Pyramid scheme paying out huge dividends (directly from capital) thereby boosting share-price, issuing more shares at a higher price and then eat up that capital as well. The only person that gets rich is the CEO himself. There has been some movement with stock options and other constructions but I couldn't be bothered to wade through the massive amount of posts.

EMFi Rating: Scam Alert - High-risk / High-reward.