Sunday, April 30, 2006


The following personnel will be active in EMFi: (this post will be kept up to date with new information)

Fund Managers:
Fund Managers are responsible for the daily operation of the Mutual fund, they will have to have trust by the trustees and the shareholders and know their business. 2.5% of the profits they manage will be split over between the Fund managers.

  • EMFi Manager- (Alt of Naphtalia) - Naphtalia has extensive experience in stock and derivatives markets, this is a main character prominently visible in the EVE community also fielding diplomatic and leadership positions.

Board of Trustees:
The Board of Trustees have expressed trust in this endeavour, they will have access to corporate functions which requires mutual trust from the fund managers, other trustees and shareholders. The trustees will ensure confidence with the traders as being auditors, advisers and investors. The trustees have got the junior accountant role for auditing purposses and can run for CEO if they acrue 5% of the shares (in the case of the chairman and fundmanagers getting hit by a bus). The Chairman has director access to be able to liquidate assets. (in the case the fundmanager gets hit by a bus)

  • Naphtalia: Investing 300,000 shares (3%)
  • Zzazzt: Investing 50,000 shares (0.5%) (Chairman)
  • Omber Zombie: Investing 50,000 shares (0.5%)
  • Femintaki: Investing 240,500 shares (2.4%)
  • Taladorn: Investing 20,000 shares (0.2%) (DD Officer)
  • Shiva Shakti: Investing 50,000 shares (0.5%) (DD Officer)


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