Sunday, April 30, 2006

Initial Target Portfolio announcement

We will try to get the following balance in our portfolio (subject to change)

By Branch:

  • Cash: 20% (cash account, savings account, wallet, and ISK sitting in buy-orders)
  • Financials: 10% (Shares in banking, investment banking and securities companies)
  • Real Estate: 20% (Shares in real estate, outposts, POS operations)
  • Services & Logistics: 20% (Shares services Companies such as: Mercenary, Piracy, Transport companies. Also logistic companies that play the market)
  • Production: 30% (Shares in companies that do production, such as Tech2 or Capital ship Production companies, including the selling BPC copies)

Figure: portfolio by branch

By Risk:

  • Blue Chip Companies: 60% (Companies like: ISSx, BIG and Big Blue sponsored companies)
  • Normal Stock: 20% (Companies like: T2AHL, Everyshore Investments, Eve Investment Bank)
  • High-risk/High-reward, Scam and dead shares: 10% (Companies like: Stingy CEO, Alvarin Enterprises)
  • Start-ups: 10%

Figure: Portfolio by risk factor


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