Sunday, April 30, 2006

Example monthly Financial Statement

This month went extremely well; the shares of the presumed dead company DR-C which we picked up for 500isk/unit came alive again. The CEO was had been on a break and paid out dividends of 300isk/share and the shareprice went up to 5,000 isk again. We sold 50% of our position in DR-C for a big profit. ISSPO has dropped again, BoB has conquered their outpost and are asking a 10bil ransom fee. I am continuing to diminish that position. Disappointing dividends of ESINV, but with their dropping shareprice I was able to get another 10,000 shares for a reasonable price.
Statement: FMFeb06/EMFi
Last month NAV (ad): 112.08b
Profit: 18.16b
  • from interest/dividends received: 5.08b
  • from asset value increase: 13.08b

Payments: 15.53b

  • Management Fee: (5% of 18.16b) 908mio
  • Dividends: 14.9b (85% of 18.16b) (1,490 ISK per share or +14.9% over nominal value)
New NAV: 113.9b
New Intrinsic Stockvalue: 11,396 isk (+1.6%)
New buyback price: (90% of 11,396) 10,256 isk
New relisting price: (110% of 11,396) 12,535 isk
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