Sunday, April 30, 2006

EMFi - Stocks

EMFi is a Unit Trust, consisting of 10,000,000 shares (ten million) with a default nomination of 10,000 isk (ten thousand). The stakeholders in this unit trust are Fund managers, Trustees and unit-holders (shareholders)

  • The fund manager runs the trust for profit.
  • The trustees ensure the fund manager keeps to the funds investment objective and safeguards the trusts assets.
  • The unit-holders have the right to the trust assets

Each month the NAV (net asset value) will be calculated based on total Trust Assets divided by Total Shares in the Fund.

EMFi will guarantee your investment through their buyback scheme, EMFi will also be market making their own stock (pending availability for shares to sell).

Buyback scheme: EMFi will register buy-orders for EMFi shares at 90% of NAV/Share value and will sell (pending availability) shares at minimum 110% of NAV/Share value (1 week after the IPO).


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