Sunday, April 30, 2006

Derivatives Secure your Securities

Mission Statement: Maximizing shareholder value by becoming the market leader in the securities market in the Intergalactic EvE Universe.

Background: It has come to our attention that with the vast number of IPOs and different stocks floating around it is hard to know which stocks to invest in.

Questions arise like: "Is this IPO a scam?" "This looks too good to be true, but if it is true I don't want to miss out!" "I want a piece of that stock but can't afford to pay 30Mio for a share, that would be betting all my isk on 1 horse!"

EvE Mutual Funds [EMFI] will analyze and pick the best stocks and IPO's for you and also guarantee the quality of your stock. Investing in EMFI means you spread your capital over a prime list of Public Companies as well as participate in the good IPOs (and avoid the Bad ones).

Acting as a Fund Manager we can afford to strike good deals due to underwriting IPOs, getting discount with brokers and the stock exchanges, and we can afford to research companies and their background/relationships properly. This will also free up capital and facilitate growth of the stock market and minimize bid/ask spread. The low volume of some stocks turns people of.

The Market making department of EMFI will make sure there is a good bid/ask spread and volume on the Stock Exchanges and your ISK is being reinvested very fluidly. Due to the spreading of risk we are able to invest part of our capital into high-risk-high-reward investments which you would like to invest in, but don't dare to. And into long term low volume investments where you will still gain profits even though it would be hard to cash in your profits if you would have invested personally.


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